Machine Learning Engineer


  1. Build, maintain, and improve efficient and reliable data mining and machine learning models.
  2. Work closely with researchers in designing and implementing and tuning machine learning models, and provide performance feedback of machine learning models.
  3. Work closely with data engineers to adapt and improve data pipelines for production models.
  4. Work closely with software engineers in putting models into production (interface, SLA, scalability)



  1. Ms in Computer Science, System Engineering or related field with 2+ years of industry experience or PhD with 1+ years of industry experience
  2. Expert in Python, and computation graph toolkits (e.g., Scikit-learn, Tensorflow). Solid experience with Python packages such as Numpy, Panda, and Scikit-learn.
  3. Expert/Master in common families of machine learning models, feature engineering, feature selection techniques, and tuning of machine learning models
  4. Master with SQL or other relational database.
  5. Master in building and productionizing end-to-end machine learning systems
  6. Knowledge in web application design is a plus.

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