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Happy Elements University

Through this platform, a group of outstanding talents will do interesting and valuable things, create more opportunities for creative minds to cooperate with one another, and stimulate collective wisdom and sentiment.

Happy Elements University | Learning

Throughout the year, more than 100 courses are available for sharing, covering specialty training, new employee programs, and leadership series, making employees’ lives more colorful and enhancing other aspects of professional development.

Happy Elements University | Sharing

Employees have the opportunity to attend design and engineer meetings to engage in close and in-depth exchanges with world-class masters, improve their skills, and expand their vision.

Happy Elements University | Practice

The LAB Competition, Sponsor Studio, Game Level Design Contest, and Coda Jam are all events that allow employees to realize their gaming dreams in a practice environment.

Happy Welfare

Rich and thoughtful welfare plans
help employees to work healthily and
live happily.





Regular Health Checks

Annual customized health check plan to help employees stay aware of their health conditions.

Exclusive doctors

Senior exclusive private doctors on hand to disseminate healthcare, disease prevention and control information, as well as relevant knowledge to employees.

Insurance Package

Six major supplementary commercial insurances are available to provide comprehensive guarantee for the safety and health of employees and their family members.

Welfare Holidays

Three types of extra holidays to effectively strike a perfect balance between work and life for employees.

Happy Life

We spend far less time with our family and beloved ones than with our colleagues. Therefore, work can only be truly happy and interesting if we work with people we like!

A bright, spacious, open, free, and ingeniously-designed game-based office environment will make work and life happier.

Interests and hobbies bring employees together and spark more happiness and inspiration.

You’ll find super talented and super nice people, an amazing work-life balance and more.